Wochit and PushApps are now integrated

Now, you can easily Enrich your Push Notifications with your related WochIt videos, to double your opening rate!

It was proven already that the average user is more likely to click on a video rather then just text or an image. There is something about the play triangle that calls to action.

Today, in order to see the great videos that you produced as a publisher, your user needs to click on your push notification, wait for the app to load, scroll the page down, and only then click on the magical triangle.

PushApps will enrich your push notifications with the videos you created, so the user will be able to just click on a play button and watch it immediately. When the video will end the user will return to the relevant article or your main page.

Article related video

Option 1

Send a notification like you do today - PushApps will automatically add the relevant video, related to the article in the message.

Audience related videos

Option 2

PushApps will add up to 3 more related videos from your Wochit MRSS - personalised and targeted to each user’s preferences.

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Eliran Lazar

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