How to interact with mobile users in a new, effective way?

According to the latest KPCB mobile technology trends by Mary Meeker - Mobile digital media time in the US is now significantly higher at 51% compared to desktop (42%).

That means that over half of the hours we spend online is done from our smartphones, so If you want to engage with your customers, mobile interaction should be your first priority.

That said - It’s one thing to provide information to your users through their smartphones and It’s quite another to get them to interact and engage with your product. When your mobile app uses smart interactive notifications your audience have new incentive to react, giving your campaigns greater opportunities to connect, monetize and influence.

After talking to our clients and understanding that there is a need for a new way to use notifications as a powerful interaction tool, we started working on a solution and so, we are proud to unveil: Notifications Polls by PushApps.

We believe that retention supports growth.
If you build an ongoing relationship based on data and optimized experiences, you will acquire precious insights on your product, on trends and on the behaviors of your users.

With our new, powerful Notifications Polls Tool you are now able to reach each user's attention with specific question or a survey, by offering them multiple reaction options through your push notifications.

All you need to do is login to your PushApps Admin account, choose your favorite layout for your poll and you're good to go!

Let your users be involved and offer them unique interaction they haven't experienced by now in push notifications.

You probably already know that notifications must provide high value to drive conversion. Our new tool is built to help you understand and execute the engagement that will convey this value.

For more information about Notifications Polls tool please contact us.

Ortal Hagoel

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