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Getting Started

Creative notifications are all about making your Android notifications richer and sending multiple contents in one notification, thus increasing your opening rate and user engagement.

The notifications are Android Remote Views, that are visible when the notification is located first at the device's notification bar and there is enough space to display it. If that is not the case the small regular view of the notification will be displayed. 

The great thing is that no initialization is required. All you need is to integrate the PushApps Android SDK and add to your res/layout folder the xml's in

Now you're good to go!


Handle Notification Buttons Clicks

The buttons in the custom templates assigned with an Action (String). The available actions are:

  • "MainLayoutClick" - Indicates that the user pressed on the main layout.
  • "ButtonClick" - Indicated that the user pressed on one of the bottom buttons.

If the user click on one of the buttons (not on the main layout) we'll also provide you with the index of the clicked button, starting from 0 (left to right).

So here is an example of how to do some great stuff when a user clicked on of the buttons / main layout: