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  1. Registering your application

  2. Platform configurations

    1. Android
    2. iOS
  3. PushApps related settings

 Registering your application

after your first login, in the Dashboard tab, click on Upload Applications to start registering your application in PushApps.

Enter your application details ( you can always change them later in Settings -> Edit after choosing the app from My Apps tab ) :

 Platforms configurations

After creating your application , you will be redirected to the Settings tab of that app, it should look like this:



if you are not sure how to acquire the GCM API Key please refer to Android Getting Started

Click on Configure next to the Android icon, and enter your Android GCM API Key:



If you are not sure how to export the application's .p12 file, please refer to iOS Getting Started

upload your application's .p12 file, enter the file's password and choose the relevant gateway - according to your application's build type.

 PushApps related settings

After completing the platforms settings, your settings screen should look like this (notice the colored platforms icons, indicating those platforms are configured) :

App Token - the token to use when implementing on of our mobile SDK.

API Secret Token - the token to use in your Remote Server API requests.

Callback URL - a URL to a handler in your application server, for events that you want to be informed of, for more details please refer to Using callbacks.

What's next?

After completing this tutorial, you need to have at least one device registered to the application, to complete that refer to one of the following:

Once you have some device registered, you can start sending notifications, this tutorial may be helpful for you: Sending notifications


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