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PushApps Remote API is designed to give you remote access to our system's features.

The purpose of the API is for your application server to communicate with PushApps system.

If you want to access the API which is exposed to the mobile devices through the SDK please contact the support team for further details

Acquiring the API Token from the Admin Console

choose your app from My Apps screen and go to the Settings tab:

App Token - the token you need to include when using the SDK. Not relevant to the API. For more information please visit Platforms.

API Secret Token - this is the token that you need to include in each API request you send.

Callback URL - The URL in your server that we will post notifications to. If this is left empty no notifications will be posted. for more information please visit Using callbacks

If you feel your API Secret Token has been compromised you can replace it by clicking the replace button. However, This action cannot be reversed.


What's next?

  • The next recommended step will be to get to know the API Reference.
  • If you feel that you learn better from code samples you can skip to our API usage samples and choose your preferred coding language, or directly download the sample projects from our Github repository.