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Whom is it for?

PushApps provides a low cost, high quality and reliable solution for app developers, product managers, marketeers and app owners.

Developers - can implement Push Notifications more easily, save time but not compromise for quality and performance. 
Marketeers- use PushApps to promote & increase the percentage of returning users of your application. 
Entrepreneurs - use Push notification advantages intelligently in your projects, according to your products specific needs with the help of our statistics and special features.

Popular Features

Scheduled notifications
Set a specific time to send a notification, or schedule the notification to be sent on fixed intervals. It is also possible to send the notification according todevice time zone.

Automated notifications (Events)
Pre- defined scenarios in which you want to send a notification to the user. A user action will trigger the sending of the notification.
You can set a delay for the sending time relative to that trigger.

Remote Server API
Our service is also available by a remote API - you can send notifications, register or unregister your devices and query for statistics - in an automated way from your back-end.


PushApps enables you to test your notifications on specific devices. This is very useful once your application is already published, and you want an easy way to make sure your application will react the way you intended it to be once a notification arrives.

Testing is also useful when working on a version update which includes push notifications behavior.

Manage your notifications

You can view all of your running notifications, pause, stop or re-activate them.


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