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PushApps enables you to set a scheduling rule for your notifications. This is great if you know you have notifications that needs to be sent later, on a specific time in the day according to the device timezone, or repeat on a fixed interval.

  1. Scheduling your notifications
  2. Set your scheduling rules
  3. Send the notifications

Compose your notification

Choose your application in My Apps tab and go to Main tab.

Compose your notifications, as seen on Sending notifications.

 Don't send the notification yet, below the features area select Schedule tab:

Set your scheduling rules

You can choose between 3 scheduling options as seen below (from left to right):



  1. Send the notification now.
  2. Send the notification later, on a specific date and time.
  3. Repeat the notification Daily/Weeky/Monthly , and set:
    1.  When to start 
    2.  When to finish
      1. After a fixed number of occurrences.
      2. On a specific date.
      3. Never finish.

If you check According to device's time zone, the date and hours will be set according to the recipient device's time zone, as was set through the mobile SDK or Remote Server API.

Send the notifications

Once you are done, send the notification as seen in  Sending notifications. After confirming the validation form, you will be able to see the notification in the Running Notifications section, under Complex, in a table. expanding the notification will give you the option to see the details again. You can also mange it later on , for that you can refer to Managing your notifications.

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