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I this tutorial we are going to demonstrate the powerful combination of our segmentation tool with our triggered notifications feature. This feature enables you to send individual notification to users, relatively to them they joined the segment. Here we are going to show how to send a notification to a user that completed an in app purchase, trying to encourage him/her to go to a specific screen in our app. The strength of this feature is in the option to set the notification to 2 days after the in app purchase for example, or any delay as you wish.

You will need to define a tag using our SDK, let's assume it is called in-app-purchase-1.

If you are not familiar with tags in the mobile SDK, please refer to the relevant guide:


  1. Compose your message
  2. Create a new segment
    1. Set a name and description
    2. Choose the in-app-purchase-1 tag
    3. Associate the tag with the segment
    4. Set the delay rule for the notification
  3. Manage your notification and view its performance

Compose your message

Choose your app, go to the Main tab and compose your message with all of your relevant features as seen in Sending notifications, and choose By Segments in the To Whom? section:

Create a new segment

After selecting the By Segments radio button, you need to create the segment that will target users that completed an in app purchase in your app.

Set a name and description

Set a name that will identify this segment, and a description that will help to remember where is this segment targeting to later on.

Choose the in-app-purchase-1 tag

Click in Choose Tag and scroll down to the in-app-purchase-1 tag that you have created in the SDK ( you can also create it here and use it in the SDK later ).

Associate the tag with the segment

Now set the segment as all the users that have true value in this tag

Set the delay rule for the notification

as seen on Scheduling your notifications, you can set select from a variety of scheduling rules. Here we are going to use the  When a device joins the segment option, which means that each device that will join this segment, will receive a notification according to the delay you will choose. Let's choose for example a 2 days delay.

We always recommend using the Cool down option, which will prevent the user from receiving the same notification to frequently, you can see it in the check box at the bottom right corner.

Once done, click on Click To Push It!

Now you have successfully created the notification.

Manage your notification and view its performance


You can always view the notification you have created in the Running Notifications section, and pause or reactivate it. You can view the performance in the Statistics tab as well.