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PhoneGap CLI Getting Started

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This tutorial starts with creating a PhoneGap project. If you already have= an existing project, you can start with  Adding the PushApps plugin.=20


  1. Creating a PhoneGap Project
  2. Adding the PushApps plugin to the PhoneGap project

Creating a PhoneGap Project

  1. Open your command line tool and g= o to the directory where you maintain your source code, and run a command s= uch as the following:


    $ cordova create pushappsdemo com.pushapps.demo = PushAppsDemo
    $ cd pushappsdemo
  2. Lets add support for Android and = iOS:


    $ cordova platform add android
    $ cordova platform add ios
  3. Now lets build the project for bo= th platforms;


    $ cordova build


Adding the PushApps plugin to th= e PhoneGap project

Open you command line tool and go to the project directory. Execute the = following command:


$ cordova plugin add = org.apache.cordova.device
$ cordova plugin add https: //github .com /PushAppsService/PushAppsPhonegap .git
$ cordova build


That's it!

What's Next?